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December 7, 2022

Signol’s behavioral science platform reduces fuel consumption

Ridgebury continues to seek out partners who can help the team managed more efficiently its fleet. UK-based Signol, has been working closely with the aviation and maritime industries on how to reduce fuel consumption using its innovative behavioral science platform.

Signol analyzed Ridgebury’s vessel operational data and quickly identified areas for improvement, and then developed targets for our Captains and Chief Engineers to help them improve a range of behaviors that impact fuel consumption.

Personal milestones and achievements are provided to the crew via SIGNOL App and direct emails, nudging participants toward fuel efficient behaviors and letting them review their voyages to see how future improvements can be attained.

According to Luca Bruga, Ridgebury’s Fleet Performance Manager, “Even small incremental improvements add up quickly. We’re very excited about the possibilities, reducing our fuel consumption saves money, and reduces our carbon footprint.”

Preliminary results from the trial are expected in the first quarter of 2023, with the potential to roll this out across the entire Ridgebury fleet by the end of the year.