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The Environment

Since we have only ever purchased second-hand vessels, the most important measure of our impact is whether the change of ownership to Ridgebury is a positive event for the environment. We achieve this by developing a ship-specific investment plan for environmental management and carbon reduction, while our Performance Team applies proven operational measures that deliver measurable improvement.

Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction

We view each acquisition as an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of the purchased vessel:

  • We create a ship-specific plan of investment and management.
  • We install continuous monitoring and measurement devices that feed software that transmits high-frequency data via satellite to our Performance Team, ensuring that the vessel performs to its full potential and that any issues are identified and corrected early and quickly.
  • We monitor and report our Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 carbon emissions.

Ship Recycling

We are committed to green recycling – we do not sell to cash buyers and pretend that we don’t know what happens next. When we have a ship that needs to be recycled, we will sell for recycling at yards that comply with the provisions of the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. We audit the yard independently and obtain regular update reports to confirm that the vessel is recycled according to the agreed, environmentally responsible plan developed from the ships’ Inventory of Hazardous Materials.


We are proud and active members of the Maritime Anti-Corruption network, and take an aggressive stance against bribery and corruption, including facilitation payments. We empower our managers and train our captains to refuse demands for illicit payment, regardless of commercial consequence.