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Environmental, Social, Governance

Ridgebury is committed to transparent, honest and ethical conduct:

Ridgebury has earned its reputation as a platform for investors to enjoy strong, positive returns in shipping – with the assurance that their capital has been put to work ethically and responsibly.


Ridgebury provides safe transportation that respects and protects the global environment.  We are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our fleet to the extent possible with existing technology while working with our peers and customers to explore the more dramatic measures that are needed to align our industry with global environmental and climate goals.


Health, Safety & Human Rights:  The safety and wellbeing of our staff and seafarers is always our top priority.   We have the capital base and the will to invest to maintain our fleet in top condition and to work with our managers to assure a safe environment for our officers and crew.

Diversity & Equal Opportunity:  Ridgebury is committed to fostering and maintaining a work environment that celebrates diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and we are committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are celebrated and championed across the organization.


There are no exceptions when it comes to Ridgebury’s commitment to transparent, honest, and ethical conduct.  Compliance is a key agenda item at every Board meeting and a daily priority for management.  We take a zero-tolerance approach to facilitation payments and are active members of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network. We work with technical and commercial managers who have demonstrated the same commitment to transparency and ethical conduct.