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The Ridgebury Approach

Ridgebury provides performance and transparency for institutional investors across two lines of business. In our core Direct Asset Investment business, we seek exceptional opportunity through a consistent straightforward investment approach. In our Third-Party Asset Management business line, we tailor unique strategies to manage even the most difficult situations.

Ridgebury’s Direct Asset Investment Philosophy

  • We design and structure discrete vehicles to provide specific and targeted exposure to investors.
  • We invest our personal capital in every transaction.
  • We proactively manage our vessels to improve performance and reduce emissions.
  • We do not compromise ethics.
  • We actively seek exit opportunities and move decisively to convert paper gains to realized cash returns.
Ridgebury provides investors with targeted, transparent exposure to the cyclicality and opportunity of the global shipping sector.
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Ridgebury’s Third-Party Asset Investment Philosophy

Ridgebury’s Third-Party Asset Management Philosophy

  • We will engage in a limited number of situations and only where we can add material value.
  • We work closely with financial owners to understand their objectives and deliver a full solution – operating, commercial and financial.
  • We work hard to find, structure, and deliver exit opportunities on the owner’s desired timeline.
  • We manage third-party assets with the same rigor and owner-oriented approach that we do our own.

Ridgebury’s Operational Philosophy

  • We focus our in-house resources on the areas where we can add material value.
  • We outsource other aspects to best-in-class providers to achieve high performance with a flexible and efficient cost structure.
  • We develop an ideal performance model for each ship, and implement a plan to close deficiencies to that theoretical performance standard.
  • Our investment approach aims to make each vessel purchase a positive event for the environment.