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January 17, 2023

Ridgebury pursuing Gold Standard-backed Carbon Credit program

As part of Ridgebury’s commitment to on-going improvement, we are working with two preeminent organizations to help us take advantage of the carbon credit program. The Gold Standard is an international organization that sets standards for the quantification, verification, and issuance of carbon credits.

We are also partnering with Marsoft a maritime specialist, who is helping us to develop a methodology that integrates data in order to evaluate the investment benefits of using silicone paint for the fleet. We believe that silicone paint, along with the full blasting of the hull, is the most effective energy efficiency improvement action we can take for our vessels.

With Marsoft’s help, we will be modeling the benefits of a silicone paint coating over a five-year period. The methodology, which has been approved by The Gold Standard, assumes that the performance of the vessel coated with silicone paint remains mostly constant over the docking cycle (5 years), whilst the performance of a vessel coated with conventional anti-fouling deteriorates every year during the docking cycle.

The fuel/ CO2 savings are evaluated based on the performance of the vessel pre-retrofit as compared to the projected fuel / CO2 savings increase over a five-year period for blasting the hull and then applying silicone paint.